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Physiologically and anatomically identical
Human tissue & organ


We have pondered

About what we can do to eliminate pain in the world About what are the most fulfilling goals we can accomplish with our skills. A stopover on the journey of those thoughts is Pensées Inc., and it is the beginning of challenges materialized.

There seems to be a lot of pain out there in the world.
We want to eliminate all of it. This is probably an impossible task. Nevertheless, this does not mean we should not even try.

We have found tasks that we, as engineers, can contribute to accomplishing, and have set up a strategy to carry them out.
And we are achieving one goal after another in the process.
We tackle some very serious challenges.
However, we will eventually arrive at our destination if we address the difficulties one by one as we have done so far.
We believe that challenges we have already overcome are making our journey significant.

We are most grateful for your continued support for Pensées Inc. as you help us achieve our visions.

September 27, 2016