K-Global 300 Certificate (Minister of Science and ICT Republic of Korea)

by pensees posted Feb 26, 2018


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Pensees Inc. K-Global 300


Pensees Inc. is selected as K-Global 300 certificated company by a reccomendation of Korea Innovation Center Washington (KIC DC).

K-Global 300 certificate is selected by Minister of Science and ICT Republic of Korea and only limited number of company with outstanding growth potential can be selected.


주식회사 팡세는 KIC Washington의 추천으로 K-Global 300 인증 기업으로 선정되었습니다.

K-Global 300 인증은 대한민국 과학기술정보통신부에 의해 선정되며, 성장 잠재력이 뛰어난 소수의 기업들만이 선정될 수 있습니다.