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Physiologically and anatomically identical
Human tissue & organ

Bio Printing
Vitarix Bio Printer

VitarixTM   Bio Printer 

VitarixTM is a bioprinter designed by bio engineers.
It has been developed on the basis of understanding the major issues and principles of biological experiment, thus ensuring practical assistance to your research efforts.

Features & Specifications

  • Articulation-based control to effectively prevent contamination
    (Patent pending, KR10-2016-10311)
  • Magnetic links for convenient head maintenance and repair
  • Uses standardized disposable needles
    (ID 0.2-0.6mm)
  • Pneumatic nozzles that enable high viscosity material output
    (Pressure range: 0-600 kPa)
  • UV light and a true HEPA filter (H14)
  • Available materials : Hydrogels
  • Positioning accuracy : under 10 µm
  • Max build size : Ø100 mm x 60 mm
  • Dimensions : 330 x 290 x 480 ㎣

※ Specifications and appearance subject to change without prior notice.

Bio Printer